Projects and Grants

Chris has led numerous research projects, engaging various entities from the academia, to governments, all the way to industries including multinational companies. Some of these projects are highlighted below.

Complex Systems Programme

    • Principal Investigator
    • Grant from A*STAR's Science and Engineering Research Council, Oct 2012 - Mar 2016.
    • Objective: to establish and build capabilities on Complex Systems Science at A*STAR, Singapore

Aging, Biology and Computing: The ABC of health-span, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary study on the understanding of human aging.

    • Lead Investigator
    • Grant from A*STAR Joint Council Office, Sep 2014- Aug 2017.
    • Objective: Understand what constitutes healthy aging and whether Singapore’s urban environment is conducive to attain such goal.
    • Partners/Collaborators: A*STAR Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), National University of Singapore, National University Hospital.

Development of a visual interactive platform for evaluating train schedules and their impacts on passenger experiences.

    • Principal Investigator
    • Grant from the Land Transport Authority Innovative Fund, Oct 2014 – Sep 2016.
    • Partners/Collaborators: Singapore Land Transport Authority

Characterizing bus route dynamics.

    • Principal investigator
    • with SMRT Inc, first phase Aug 2014 - Sep 2015.

Improving bus travel reliability and quality of service through data analytics, modeling and simulation.

    • Co-Principal Investigator
    • with SMRT Inc, second phase, 2015-Sept 2017.

Quantifying a Transit System Resilience Measure using a Complex Network Approach.

    • Co-Principal Investigator
    • Translational R&D for Application for Smart Nation (TRANS) grant, Jan 2017-Jan 2018.
    • Partners/Collaborators: Singapore Ministry of Transport, Singapore Land Transport Authority

Principal investigator/Co-Investigator/Collaborator of dozens of other projects with themes dealing with fundamental research to industry problems and innovations, among the stakeholders are Panasonic Avionics, Baseride Solutions, Fujitsu, Housing & Development Board Singapore, Globe Philippines, Manila Water Co., Department of Science and Technology Philippines, University of the Philippines System grants, National Research Council of the Philippines, Singapore’s Ministry of Transport, Land Transport Authority Singapore, National University Hospital Singapore.