Master of Science in Data Science

  • Supervised project on Automation of Classroom Dynamics

Students: Jon Colipapa, Adrian Galido, Shehab Ibrahim, Aian Rosales

  • Supervised project with Aboitiz Power

Students: Tristan Alba, Brian Dy, Prince Javier, Jude Teves

  • Supervised project with Security Bank, Corporation

Students: Patricia Manasan, Elisa Nebres, Jr., Cindy Saw, and Jefferson Tan

  • Supervised project with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Students: Rose Amodia, Mark Orencia, Christian Rick Soriano, and Jose Eduardo Sto. Domingo

Post-Docs and Research Engineers under the Complex Systems Group (CxSy) at IHPC

  1. Erika Fille Tupas LEGARA, Ph.D. Physics (University of the Philippines Diliman, 2011)
  2. HU Nan, Ph.D. Computer Science (Nanyang Technological University, 2014 )
  3. LING Feng, Ph.D. Physics (Stanford/National University of Singapore, 2014)
  4. Muhamad Azfar Bin RAMLI, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (National University of Singapore, 2012)
  5. XU Haiyan, Ph.D. Statistics (Shanghai Normal University, China, 2005)
  6. YANG Bo, Ph.D. Physics (Princeton University, 2013)
  7. ZHAO Daxuan, Ph.D. Economics (National University of Singapore, 2013)
  8. Nasri Bin OTHMAN, Computer Science (Nanyang Technological University, 2013)
  9. Vicknesh SELVAM, Mathematics (University of California, 2008)
  10. Vasundhara JAYARAMAN, Computer Science (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Graduate Supervision/Co-Supervision, 2012-2017

  1. James Tan Peng, PhD Physics (NTU-SPMS)
  2. Quek Wei Liang, PhD Physics (NTU-SPMS)
  3. Cheryl Abundo, PhD Physics (NTU-SPMS)
  4. Darryl Tay Jiajie, PhD Applied Physics (NTU-SPMS)
  5. Ayana Aspembitova, PhD Applied Physics (NTU-SPMS)

Post-Doc Alumni under the Complex Systems Group (CxSy) at IHPC

  1. James Decraene, Ph.D. Complex Systems (Dublin City University, 2009)
  2. Zhu Guimei, Ph.D. Physics (National University of Singapore, 2012)
  3. LI Guoqi, Ph.D. Electrical Engineer (Nanyang Technological University, 2011)

Research Attachment under the Complex Systems Group (CxSy) at IHPC

  1. John Pang, Ph.D. Physics (Caltech)
  2. Liu Yun, Ph.D. Physics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  3. Ji Wei , Ph.D. Physics (Univ. of Berkeley)
  4. Timothy Tay, PhD Civil Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  5. Aniq Ahsan, PhD Physics (Oxford, to start Sept 2017)
  6. Eduard Ong Yong Xi, PhD Physics (Cornell University, to start Sept 2017)

List of Former Research/Student Advisees (total = 33: 8 PhD, 8 MS, 17 BS)

Ph.D. in Physics (8)

  1. Rene Batac (2011). Numerical Models and Scaled Experiments on Landslides.
  2. Erika Fille Legara (2011, Most Outstanding PhD Graduate in College of Science, UP Diliman; Edgardo Gomez Awardee for Excellence in Dissertation Research). Implications of the topological properties of networks in the dynamics of marketing, competition and framing analysis.
  3. Anthony Longjas (2011). Experimental Models and Experiments in Granular Systems and Psychophysics.
  4. Marissa Pastor (2011). Random Particle Transport in Granular Matter and Biological Cells: Models and Experimental Designs.
  5. Jesus Felix Valenzuela (2011). Dynamics of Thermally-Induced Convection in the Presence of Suspended Particles.
  6. Ranzivelle Marianne Roxas (2010). Patterns in Classroom Information Propagation and Word Adjacency Networks.
  7. Marko Arciaga (2009). Studies on Other Phases of Matter: Binary Granular Material and Microwave Plasma
  8. Dranreb Earl Juanico (2007, Most Outstanding PhD Graduate in College of Science, UP Diliman). Self-Organizing Mechanisms of Complex Adaptive Systems under Critical Conditions.

M.S. in Physics (8)

  1. George Allan Esleta (April 2009, Most Outstanding MS in College of Science, UP Diliman). Effect of memory and reinforcement on the propagation and morphology of fracture in a two-dimensional elastic sheet.
  2. Jesus Felix Valenzuela (Oct. 2008). Segregation and Aggregation in Convecting Bidisperse Particle Suspension.
  3. Erika Fille Legara (2008). Dynamics of Networks and its social aspects.
  4. Anthony Longjas (2008).Dynamics of Granular Flow.
  5. Rene Batac (2008). Cellular automata models of natural complex systems.
  6. Marianne Ranzievelle Roxas (2007). Network Analysis: Characterizing Classroom Dynamics and Syntactic Structure.
  7. Ma. Teresa Pulido (2006, Oblation Scholar). Rumor Propagation within Static and Dynamic Networks.
  8. Marissa Pastor (2008). Stability of granular materials in the presence of interstitial matrix.

B.S. in Physics/Applied Physics/Mathematics (17)

  1. John Pang (BS Mathematics, Nanyang Technological University, 2012) [as co-adviser]
  2. Jen-Jen Manuel (BS A Physics, 2012, Magna Cum Laude). Segregation and aggregation of agents having allelomimetic tendency in a confined space.
  3. James Christopher Pang (BS A. Physics, 2011, Magna Cum Laude, Deans Medallion Applied Physics). Novel implications of biology inspired paradigms to brain research and marketing enterprise.
  4. Cheryl Abundo (BS A. Physics, 2011, Magna Cum Laude, Deans Medallion Applied Physics). Searching and characterizing optimal parameters in complex systems: from classification research to social networks.
  5. Antonino Paguirigan (BS A. Physics, 2011, Magna Cum Laude). Analyzing the stability of granular piles as a result of local and global reinforcements.
  6. Brian James Aggangan (BS A. Physics, 2010, Magna Cum Laude). Pattern formation and emergence of dynamic equilibrium in source-driven complex Ginzburg-Landau equation.
  7. Alva Presbitero (BS A. Physics, 2010, Cum Laude). Characterizing the criticality of rule-based dynamics in the collapse of curriculum network and the emergence of cooperation in spatial prisoner’s dilemma.
  8. Irene Crisologo (BS Physics, 2010, Cum Laude). Feature Statistics: New Applications in Predictive Analysis, Cognitive Science Research, and Multi-Crack Propagations.
  9. Jeric Tugaff (BS Physics, 2008, Magna Cum Laude). Linear and nonlinear approaches in treatment of real-world data.
  10. Lorcel Ericka Venturina (BS Physics, 2008). Prediction of OPM songs hitness using neural networks.
  11. Grace Bato (BS Physics, 2008). Scaling laws and consumption dynamics in complex adaptive systems.
  12. Josephine Cabatbat (BS Physics, 2008). Readability and comprehensibility of written text using language co-occurrence network.
  13. George Allan Esleta (BS Applied Physics, 2007, Magna Cum Laude, Oblation Scholar, Deans Medallion Applied Physics). Dynamics of Threaded Systems.
  14. Erika Fille Legara (BS Physics, 2006, Cum Laude). Dynamical Model and Strategies for Network Marketing.
  15. Anthony Longjas (BS Applied Physics, 2006, Cum Laude). Jamming of Mixed and Homogenous Hard Spheres in a Two-Dimensional Hopper.
  16. Dranreb Earl Juanico (Best Thesis in BS Physics, 2002; Magna Cum Laude, Deans Medallion Applied Physics). Allelomimesis as a Generic Mechanism in Self-Organizing Systems.
  17. Timothy Travers (Best Thesis in BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 2002; Magna Cum Laude, Oblation Scholar). Prediction of Secondary Protein Structure Using Neural Networks.